His gut tells him to look inside receptacle, Sees tiny wounded pup looking up at him

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A garbage dumpster has one purpose: to discard trash. Yet, we are seeing time and time again, animals being disposed of inside dumpsters. It’s a heartbreaking scenario no animal lover can stomach.

If you do not want the responsibility of a pet, there are plenty of places to bring them to. Sadly, another case is making headlines. A Kansas man was walking by when he tossed a piece of garbage into the large receptacle. Normally, he would keep on walking but thankfully he looked inside. That’s when he saw a tiny puppy sitting among the filth.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/Facebook

The little guy was alone and afraid. The kind man picked him up and immediately brought him to Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption. The rescue workers were shaken to the core when they learned where the puppy had been found. They posted this to their Facebook page:

“There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to treat an animal this way and it absolutely disgusts us to think that someone could do this. We as humans can do better.”

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/Facebook

The puppy, estimated to be around 2 months old, was named Minimus. He was dirty and underweight. The staff was worried about his condition but felt he could overcome his past.

“He’s in stable condition but covered in open, puncture-like, oozing wounds throughout his tiny little body and we’re not quite sure what it is from,” the rescue wrote. “He will need to see a vet and be evaluated so we can get him whatever he needs to heal, but it might be costly. Nonetheless we are going to give this little guy the chance he deserves!” 

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/Facebook

Minimus was certainly traumatized when he came in. A puppy his age should be in a loving home with tons of love and affection. Instead, he was left in a horrible place. He welcomed all the snuggles– something he should’ve had all along.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/Facebook

Minimus is now in a foster home, making tremendous strides. He still needs time to heal and adjust to life inside a home but the rescue is taking adoption applications for this sweetheart to have a family lined up when it’s time for him to go to his forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting Minimus, click here.

As for the monster who left him in the dumpster, we don’t have any other information. We pray Minimus is vindicated. As of now, the best revenge he can get is to live a full life filled with love.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/Facebook

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