Guilty Pup Is Forbidden From The Bed, But Mom Catches His Hysterical Antics On Cam

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As kids, we’ve all been there – doing forbidden things the moment Mom and Dad aren’t around. Mr. Pepper, a little Dachshund puppy, had a similar thought in his mind when he received a simple instruction from mom – to stay off the bed!

YouTube/Rumble Viral


In an epic video, we see Mr. Pepper go into a frenzy the moment he finds the bed to himself. He simply can’t control his happiness as he whirls around on the bed in animated circles. He does get busted, but seeing the happy pup, mom decides to let him have some fun!

Mr. Pepper’s friend, Margo, also decides to make the most of the bed liberties. We see her join him on the bed, but the docile Margo prefers to play with her plush toy instead. We couldn’t stop giggling at Mr. Pepper’s attempts to get Margo to join him in his antics!

YouTube/Rumble Viral


Eventually, it is Mr. Pepper who wears out. Like a satisfied kid, he settles down to rest with Margo. Mr. Pepper is such an adorable ball of energy, his happy face has already put us in high-spirits!

Click the video below to see Mr. Pepper completely lose it while playing on the bed!

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