Groomer’s husband charged with s.hooting and k.illing 4 dogs in her care

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Dog lover Theresa Taylor is trying to piece her life back together. The dog groomer was pet sitting four dogs in her Williams County, Ohio home when tragedy struck.

After working all day at her grooming shop, Taylor’s husband, Phillip, threatened to k.ill her at home. She left the house but Phillip kept bothering her.

Source: ABC13

“He just kept texting me and telling me that he was k.illing my dogs and if I wanted to save them I’d have to come back and let him take me,” Theresa told 13ABC.

Phillip shot and k.illed all four dogs in the home, and one of them was a therapy dog for Theresa’s client, the Beck family. Phillip was charged with felony of harm to companion animals. He appeared in court and was then released. The court ordered Phillip not to have contact with his wife and turn over his firearms.

Source: ABC13

Afterward, Theresa took to Facebook and wrote a message that some find offensive, stating, (sic) “The dogs at my house have been murdered by my Now EXhusband and I lost 4 of the most precious little souls in the world. I will never be the same. But I will be stronger. And I now know how much I am loved. Thanks to all of you. And all you people trying to start Drama over this (Bite Me!)”

Source: Theresa Taylor/Facebook

Randy Beck is very upset that his wife’s therapy dog, Lily, was k.illed.

“I wish she would have come and said hey I’m having personal problems. Maybe don’t bring the dog in for grooming. Had she done that we wouldn’t have brought Lily in and she’d be alive today,” Beck shared.

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