Grads Burst Out With Laughter As Dog Steals The Show During Ceremony

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Just a little over a week ago was the big day that every Alabama senior at Horseshoe Bend High School had been waiting a lifetime for; their graduation. While the grads’ day is really supposed to be all about them and the wild embrace of their futures, for just a few quick moments the attention was turned from them to something a little more amusing.

The grads had been upstaged by a hilarious young dog named Charlie.

Source: Logan Branch/The Dodo

Charlie is by no means a random stray dog but actually is owned by one of the graduating seniors of HBH, Logan Branch. The grad lives relatively close to the high school, and his dog is actually quite well known among the students there.

During the school year, Charlie would take it upon himself to mozy on over to the high school to hang out with all of the young teens when they were on break between class periods. He’s such a friendly pup, in fact, that all of the students know the dog by name and completely adore him.

“Every one at the school knows he is my dog,” Branch explains in an interview with The Dodo.

Clearly though, with the end of another school year at hand and the senior class leaving the school for good, Branch’s loveable dog decided that he was going to find a way to leave his mark on the students, and that is exactly what he did.

Right in the middle of Branch and his class’s high school graduation ceremony, an event they’ve been working toward most of their lives, someone decided they were going to make an unforgettable appearance, and it was Branch’s dog, Charlie!

According to Branch, the dog’s appearance wasn’t planned for at all and came as a bit of a shock.

“Nobody had any clue at all that he would be there. He came inside the gate and just surprised all of us,” he exclaims.

Charlie didn’t intend to merely surprise them with his presence alone, either, but had something else in store for all the attendees of the hallmark ceremony, as well. You can tell in the video below that while the grads clearly notice the dog, they are doing their best to contain their chuckles and focus on the commencement speech, but then Charlie did something that they couldn’t ignore.

Once the dog had stood directly in front of the grads for a moment and got a good look at what was going on, he decided he was going to steal the entire show with a simple lift of his leg.

Yep, you guessed it! Branch’s dog Charlie lifted his back leg and let her rip, peeing all over the ornamental potted fern that had been placed out as part of the decorations for the graduation ceremony.

The moment that Charlie lets loose and pees on the fern, the class can no longer keep quiet and they just completely lose it, bursting into laughter at their peer’s hilarious dog.

Branch remembers all too well trying not to laugh at his dog and knowing all the grads were struggling with the same urge.

“As soon as we saw him walk to the plant, we all knew what was about to happen so we couldn’t help but all laugh,” he explains.

Even still, you can tell that between his fits of laughter that Branch might have felt at least a hint of utter embarrassment as well, as you can tell from the photos.

Of course, after the dog had finished with his business and the grads could stop laughing long enough to hear what the speaker was saying, the graduation ceremony was continued. Unfortunately, though, there was just no way to top Charlie’s hilarious stunt for attention.

Of all those who were cheered on that evening, according to Branch, it was his dog that got the greatest response from the attendees.

“He definitely got the best crowd reaction of the night. Charlie definitely loved it,” the new graduate admits.

Lucky for Charlie, this wasn’t his final goodbye to the high school as it was for Branch. Branch’s little sister will continue to go there a year or two before she graduates, so the dog can continue to make his random-but-wildly-entertaining appearances on the regular, and we’re sure he’s more than happy about it.

“He just loves attention and being around people,” Branch says.

To see the laugh-out-loud moment that these young grads will get to remember their school by, watch the video below.


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