Golden Retrievers Proudly Watch Over Their Just Born Puppies

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When dogs have puppies, it’s a huge moment for them. In fact, it’s a lot like when humans have babies. It’s always obvious that the dog parents feel a major sense of accomplishment and pride over their newborns

But nothing can sum up how dogs feel about their puppies like this video of two Golden Retrievers.

The mother is clearly exhausted from the birth, but it has all been worth it to see the seven perfect puppies. The daddy was with her throughout the birth and is clearly amazed that his girlfriend has turned him into a parent.

Overall, the entire experience can be summed up this image below:

Source: Viral Paws/YouTube

The parents lie next to each other and gaze at their seven children. They are so amazed at what they’ve accomplished!

Their expressions are so relatable. The way that they’re both staring at the puppies shows that they’re so pleased to have brought them into the world!

In the video, the puppies squirm around. They’ve only just been born, and they already want to start exploring!

But just when you thought that the video couldn’t get any cuter, it does!

The daddy Golden Retriever lifts up his head and places it on top of his girlfriend’s head. He’s saying to her “Well done. I’m so, so happy. You’ve just done something amazing, and I will be here to help you every step of the way.”

And while the dad is doing this, the mother starts to enjoy a well-earned nap.

It’s almost as if the puppies are taking this as an example. They start huddling over one another, keeping each other warm.

Then the shot cuts to one of the puppies being nestled under his mommy’s chin.

There are big smiles on both of their faces. The puppy is too young to know what’s going on, but he loves it anyway!

Later, the puppies all get milk from the mommy.

They’re drinking and drinking away. The mommy, once again, must feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. And the daddy is right beside her, making sure that she and their children are all right.

Clearly, the puppies are going to have an amazing time being raised by these two.

Anyone who has been in a home with a dog’s mother and her litter of puppies knows that the parents and the puppies will be inseparable for the next few weeks.

The little puppies will not be able to see, hear or walk during this time.

But after this, the puppies will become familiar with the world around them. They’ll all start to develop their own personalities and start playing with each other.

Eventually, the time will come time to get adopted, but the dogs will always cherish the months with these amazing parents (and of course their first human family!)

Of course, this isn’t the first video online of newborn puppies and their parents taking care of them. But it might just be the best!

Here’s a compilation video of mommies and their puppies being adorable:

Look at how the three puppies want to kiss their momma at the same time in the first clip. The Momma can’t kiss them all back at once, though!

In another one, a husky mommy looks down at her three puppies. They all look up at her. It’s like when a momma bird feeds her babies!

And in a third video, a mommy pit bull play fights with her two children. They are big pups, but she loves playing with them anyway!

Is there anything as amazing as puppies and their parents?

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