Golden retriever befriends emaciated horse, plays important role in healing him back to health

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Molly is a 3-year-old golden retriever that has a special affinity for sick animals. No wonder her caring attitude for this miniature horse helped save his life. No sooner did they meet did the two end up becoming best friends.

When Sammy arrived at the Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance center in North Carolina in July, he resembled a bag of bones, and it seemed his life would soon be over.

The director of the center, Darlene Kindle, consulted one of the vets, and asked if Sammy “had the will to live in his eyes.” When the vet said yes, Kindle agreed to take Sammy under her wing. That’s when Molly became an important part of the team helping save the poor horse.

Kindle explained on Facebook that Molly had a role that she relishes:

“Molly truly has an exceptional sense of knowing when one of the animals doesn’t feel good or sad. So she very gently introduces herself. This is her job and she is very good at it as you can see.”

Sammy is making rapid progress, and every day sees some improvement.

“His personality is still a love bug. His appetite is great he continues to drink plenty of water,” said Kindle in a Facebook update.

Molly is even teaching Sammy some tricks of the trade.

“Molly has taught Sam her Walmart greeter techniques. Every time someone walks in the barn he gives them the cutest whinny,” said Kindle.

Meanwhile, Molly keeps a close eye on him, and the two are as thick as thieves.

There’s not a doubt in the world that this trusty golden retriever played a most important role in healing this miniature horse back to health. Now that’s a top dog!

Watch their charming interaction in the video.

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