Golden At Meat Farm Sat With Intense Sorrow In Her Eyes, Pleading For Liberation

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In most countries, Golden Retrievers are thought to be the most loyal, friendliest dogs you could have. But in China, they’re considered a good meal.

According to Animals Asia, nearly ten million dogs are slaughtered for meat each year in China alone.

The dogs, who are often stolen, arrive at the meat markets, injured, dehydrated and exhausted. They’re then forced to watch in horror as other dogs are tortured right before their eyes, with awful thought of know they’re next.

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The dogs are crammed into filthy, tiny cages with little to no food or water. They don’t received medical care, so the sick does just get sicker.

Nicole Stundzia, a board member of the rescue ‘Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest’ (RAGOM) sadly saw it firsthand. When she made a trip to China in February to rescue a few Goldens, she witnessed an overcrowded shelter filled with dogs who had been saved from a meat farm.

Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest/Facebook

While they were now safe from slaughter, the shelter wasn’t a great place for them to be either. Hundreds of dogs were stuffed into very little space, jumping on gates, starving for attention.

Stundzia was instantly drawn to Mama, formerly known as #6894. Mama had recently given birth and had an intense sadness in her eyes.

Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest/Facebook

“Mama sat very politely to greet volunteers, as if she was desperately hoping if she sat nicely enough she would be chosen for rescue,” RAGON wrote on Facebook.

Stundzia wanted to bring Mama back to the United States, but she knew there was a limit on how many dogs she could take. She refused to leave without Mama and appealed to RAGOM’s volunteers.

Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest/Facebook

Volunteers rallied together and three of them traveled to China to help Stundzia bring Mama back, along with four other dogs.

Stundzia is happy that these Goldens and other dogs are being rescued from the awful China dog meat farms, but wishes the process could be quicker.

Teresa McFarland/Facebook

Nonetheless, she is beyond thrilled to see these dogs get adopted by loving families in the U.S.

Mama is now in Minnesota living with a foster family and will eventually be up for adoption. Click here to visit RAGOM’s website for updates on Mama and their other adoptable dogs.

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