Giant Puppet Dog & Rottweiler Engage In A Showdown, End Up Becoming Buddies

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A French theatre group’s creation, “Royal de Luxe”, is literally a larger-than-life experience. The parade is filled with talented entertainers, who use huge puppets to showcase the most amazing stories, as they march through streets, parks, and waterways.

Facebook/Christina Reekers


During one of their shows in the Netherlands, a giant puppet dog named Xolo caught the eye of a Rottweiler, who was watching the parade with his dad. Seeing the massive puppet must have freaked the Rottweiler out, as he pushed through the crowd to confront the puppet-dog.

The dog has no idea that the giant version of him is actually a puppet. So, the puppeteer just plays along as he lets Xolo bend down and greet his new friend. Our suspicious, curious dog takes a good sniff of Xolo, before he finally decides to befriend the giant dog!

Facebook/Christina Reekers


The crowd cheers on as they witness the pair nuzzle together. Raise your volumes as you watch these fantastic events unfold, this is not something we get to see every day! It totally stole our hearts!

Click the video below to watch the dog go from curious to courteous as he makes a new friend!

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