Get Your Tissues Ready: Blind Dog and His Dad Look for Forever Home

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Have you ever heard of a service dog for a dog? We hadn’t either until we learned about an inspiring father and son pair. Now, the two reside in a shelter in New Jersey. This duo has an unbelievable bond. They exhibit a loving relationship like one between a human and their service dog.

Meet Buddy and Big Daddy

Buddy, a blind two-year-old boxer mix, relies on an unusual support system to help him navigate the world.  His father, a four-year-old mixed breed named Big Daddy, is his guide dog.

Sandy Hickman, a handler at the Associated Humane Society (AHS) Popcorn Park shelter of Lacey Township, New Jersey, told NBC Philadelphia, “Every minute or two, he just wants to know where Big Daddy is, and he’ll bump into him or he’ll sniff for him and make sure that he’s still there.”

These two beautiful boys were just relocated to New Jersey and arrived in early June.  Big Daddy and Buddy came from a shelter in North Carolina that wanted to find a place where the two wouldn’t be separated. The pair took a plane ride together as the first step of their journey to a forever home. Flying Fur Animal Rescue flew the father and son duo to the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter in a private plane piloted by Paul Steklenski. Wow! How many dogs can say they’ve flown private?

Together Forever

Because of their extremely close relationship, these two will be adopted together.

Tiffany Zinky, a handler from the AHS shelter said, “Being a pair, a bonded pair, it was harder for them to get adopted so we had the room to take them.”

Big Daddy takes excellent care of his son and shows unending patience. AHS described the duo on their Facebook page this way, “The pair are adorable together and Big Daddy has such patience with his son, who occasionally crashes into him and knocks him over.”

The volunteers at AHS rave about this duo. AHS posted this on their website:

“They are both such sweet, well-behaved boys that love people of all ages and get along fine with other dogs too. They are now looking for a home where they can stay together forever and have a good family of their own to love and care for them.”

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