Gentle Great Dane Makes Friends With Curious Kittens And It’s Absolutely Adorable

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Great Danes, despite their enormous size, are known to be gentle and loving dogs. They love making new friends, no matter the species. This Great Dane just made the cutest little new friend!

YouTube/Rumble Viral


Bagheera, a black Great Dane, was introduced to a litter of cute little kittens. Bagheera’s mom, Lindsey Heinz, knows how gentle he is, so she had no qualms about him trying to befriend the little critters.

She knew exactly what to expect from this interaction, so she had her phone ready to capture this first meeting on camera. She ended up with the most adorable video of the start of a new friendship!

YouTube/Rumble Viral


Bagheera is so gentle with the new kittens. The kitten raising her paw to touch Bacheera just melts our hearts! When mom tells him that one of the kittens is going to stay with them, it makes him very happy, and he tries to pet his new kitten sister. It’s so cute how he almost squishes her under his paw, but is gentle enough to let her slip away and hop off. How adorable!

Click the video below to watch the start of an adorable new friendship between a tiny kitten and giant dog!

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