Gambling Addict Causes “T.orture Session” For Three Animals Locked In Hot Car

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When 50-year-old gambling addict Sherill Langford entered a casino in Davison, Michigan at 8 a.m. recently, she did so without a care in the word about her three dogs. Police say when Langford exited the casino later that day around 6 p.m., two of the dogs were d.ead.

Assistant Prosecutor Tiffiny Vohwinkle told media that casino surveillance cameras captured Langford’s arrival and departure.

Source: Herald Palladium

“No doubt it was a t.orture session for the animals,” Vohwinkle shared. “They had no water, food or bathroom breaks for those hours. Two of them d.ied an agonizing and horrible d.eath. This is a terrible thing that occurred. Her gambling addiction led to the d.eath of two animals. She needs help with her gambling but she also needs to be punished.”

In court, Langford said she felt stupid and horrible. She admitted her gambling problem adding, ” I love my animals. It was a horrible accident.”

Source: Detroit Free Press

The dogs belong to the woman’s boyfriend and her attorney stated she has no criminal history. However, Cass Circuit Judge Mark Herman informed Langford she lied about keeping the windows open a bit and checking on the dogs throughout the day. He told her, “You were entrusted with the care of the animals and you gambled.”

She was ultimately sentenced to two years probation, 90 days jail that can be served on tether, 250 hours of community service, Over $2,000  in fines and costs and $511.95 in restitution for three counts of attempting to kill or t.orture animals.

Source: Warren Reed/Flickr

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