G.roomer A.rrested After B.reaking Service Dog’s T.ail Because She ‘Would Not Sit Still’

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37-year-old James Cordell Doughty Suthann of Brevard County, Florida, was arrested on a felony animal c.ruelty charge after authorities say he b.roke a dog’s tail because she “wouldn’t stand still” while Suthann was grooming her.

The entire incident inside Groomingdales Pet Spa in Satellite Beach, where Suthann was working as a contract employee, was caught on surveillance camera.

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The video shows Suthann violently hold the dog’s head down so she couldn’t move. He then grabbed her tail and lifted her entirely off the ground, which caused her tail to twist 360 degrees and break.

But the violence didn’t stop there. After breaking her tail to the point where it had to be amputated, he also picked up the hose he was using to bathe her and hit her in the back of the head with it.

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“The video is so graphic that I will not post it on Facebook, but trust me when I tell you that it is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch in my 39 years of Law Enforcement because of the horrific and c.ruel way the pet was treated,”Sherrif Wayne Ivey of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

The dog is an eight-year-old German Shepherd, named TT, who is a service dog for a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD.

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TT went into emergency surgery to amputate her tail and is now recovering.

“Unfortunately, the maximum bond that could be placed on Suthann was $2,000.00, because they don’t let me personally set the bond amounts for criminals like this guy!!” Sheriff Ivey wrote.

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Sheriff Ivey says the owners of the grooming salon had no idea that Suthann was capable of this c.ruel act and have taken immediate action to terminate his contract there.

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