A Friendly Duck Shows Up On Doorstep And Helps Heal A Grieving Dog’s Heart

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When a dog’s grieving, it is just as painful for them as it is for a human, and there are just no words to give them true comfort. Grief will break you. It will lay you flat on the floor and make it impossible to get up. Sometimes, though, an angel can come along in the form of a stranger and give you exactly what you need to pick yourself back up and carry on, which is exactly what happened to a grieving dog named George.

Just a little under five years ago, George’s heart was completely and utterly shattered when he lost his best friend of 12 long years, Blackie, a sweet old Labrador. Jacquie Litton, George’s owner, remembers her dog had become so painfully depressed and grief-stricken over the loss of his best friend that she thought he might die of a broken heart.

Thankfully though, a little angel was about to waddle his way right into George’s heart.

Almost two years to the day after Blackie had crossed the rainbow bridge, a stranger came to find George. Even though two years had already come and gone, the dog’s depression hadn’t dissipated in the least. He was lonely and longed for the friendship he once shared with Blackie, but little did he know he was about to find a new friendship…

Close to the anniversary of Blackie’s passing, a curiously kind duck came waddling right up onto the porch of Litton’s Tennessee home.

Although no one knows what exactly prompted the duck to come up to the house in the first place, one thing was clear; the duck was drawn to poor, heartbroken George like a magnet!

Little did anyone know that the strange waddling bird was exactly what the dog needed to help him survive through his grieving process.

“We have no idea where this duck came from but he sure does love George and since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time. It is strange for a duck to just appear at our house and be attached to your dog and even more strangely the anniversary week of Blackie’s passing,” Litton wrote.

From the second that the little angel duck tried to ease the grieving dog’s heartache, the two were bonded like glue, and there was nothing that could separate them from one another.

So Litton, giving in to the inevitable, decided to go ahead and invite the compassionate duck in her house for a warm place to sleep and to her surprise, George offered his much-needed friend his very own bed!

Within just a short week of the angelic duck’s arrival, Litton started to see real signs of progress and healing in her dog’s behavior.

Her sweet George wasn’t always crying out for someone and no longer carried that “down-in-the-dumps” vibe around with him…he actually started to seem like his old self before Blackie had passed on.

“Since the duck has showed up, he’s been fine. He’s not wanted in the house. He’s not whined. He’s not meeting you at the car, ya know, looking sad,” explains Litton to WKOW News.

The sweet duck, who has been endearingly coined as “Donald”, seems to feel just as fondly of George as the old dog does of him.

The two love to be near to each other, and Donald is now so at ease with his unexpected new best friend that he even feels safe snuggling him with his neck and beak.

According to Litton, Donald has hit the jackpot with his new companionship, because there is nothing that the grieving dog’s human won’t do to keep him happy and, clearly, that means keeping his quacking best friend happy as well.

“I must say this Duck has found the Golden Egg because anyone who knows me knows this is one ‘Lucky Duck’. I will take the best of care of him… hoping that he stays around,” Litton declares.

Regardless of how the duck ended up on a mission to mend a grieving dog’s heart, it’s clear that the feathered little angel was Heaven-sent, and George’s heart is a hundred-thousand times better for it!

To see more of their wonderful story, watch the video below.

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