Frail Dog At K.ill-S.helter Wagged Her Tail To Prove She Still Had F.ight Left In Her

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A miniature poodle was stuck at a high-kill shelter, but luckily was saved by Sally’s Rescue. They contacted The Dog Rescuers, who agreed to foster her, and named this little pup “Hope.”

Her name would soon embody everything it took to get through her inspirational journey to her second chance at life.


Hope was very dirty and her fur was matted so badly that it was causing her pain. They gave her a bath and shaved off her mats, revealing her skinny emaciated body. Not only were they shaving off her matted fur, but they were literally ridding her of her past life.


Despite everything she had been through, Hope was such a happy pup and was constantly wagging her tail. She finally got to experience the comfort of a real bed, and what it felt like to be loved.


Getting her weight up was high up on the priority list, but it definitely took some time for her to eat. At first she was hesitant about food, but she began getting used to it and soon enough she was gobbling everything up at first sight.


Eventually, Hope was given a clean bill of health and went on to live with her forever family. Now she will be spoiled for the rest of her life and will always know what it feels like to be wanted.

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