Four Tortured Puppies Found Covered In Hot Tar-Left For D.ead By B.arbaric Thugs

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Prepare yourself; this story is graphic and will most definitely make you livid!

In northeastern Romania, 4 young puppies were discovered lying desolate in the middle of the street in Iasi after being tortured by a group of thugs who covered them with boiling hot tar before leaving them to

Fortunately, word got out about the horrific deed and reached the Blue Sky Foundation for Animal Rights while there was still time to save them.

The appalling torture of the puppies took place several summers ago in 2016, but tragically was not the first time this had happened in the country. In fact, the incident was apparently so unalarming that, according to The Daily News, the police officer who had been appointed to investigate the disgusting, abusive act said he wasn’t going to bother wasting his time on it.

Upon their discovery, the puppies were raced to an emergency animal clinic. All the puppies were in critical condition when they showed up at the clinic, with two of them so drenched in the hot tar that vets estimated it covered up to 80% of their entire bodies.

The animal rescue organization Paws2Rescu were the first to find the puppies, lying close to d.eath in the street and authorities believe that what they stumbled on was the aftermath of a sadistic person or people that, clearly, like to inflict pain on poor, defenseless animals.

A member of Blue Sky Foundation said that the rescue organization was beginning to entertain the theory of a canine serial killer on the loose in Iasi.

“We’re starting to think there’s someone in the city who does these kinds of cruel acts on purpose,” says Cătălin Pavaliu, the founder of Blue Sky Foundation.

Once the puppies were in the clinic, they had to be put under anesthesia to knock them out long enough for trained staff to slowly removes the thick, sticky tar from their skin and fur. These poor puppies were almost unrecognizable for all the tar that was poured on them!

After cleaning the puppies up a bit, the shelter resolved to keep them under their watch for a week at the very least, to monitor them and make sure all was well.

All four of the puppies were then given some time to heal from the wounds their attackers left them with.

After enough time had passed, the rescue listed the puppies for adoption.

There are plenty of animal rights advocates and organizations that are desperately fighting to end the horrifying abuse that is so rampant in Romania, but according to Blue Sky Foundation, they need a lot of help to do it and are hardpressed to find people in the country who are sympathetic to a dog or puppy’s plight.

“During our 9 years of existence, it was a real struggle to find good stewards for the shelter because they did not understand why a dog should be fed and cared for when he is sick, why it should have a shelter against the rain, snow, cold.”

Romania has been struggling with an overwhelming stray dog problem for the last 40 years, after the country’s citizens began to migrate to city-living and apartments life, choosing to leave their dogs behind.

Since the strays are so abundant, the people there don’t place inherent value in dogs and do not consider animals to be entitled to rights.

“One of [the puppies] had a particularly tough time. He had his left eye, his nose, and his mouth all covered in tar. We could really use some kind of animal police institution right now,” the clinc vet describes the situation.

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