Four Kittens Are Trapped In A Fire, Family Dog Risks His Life To Save Them

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One unfortunate day, a house fire was reported in Melbourne, Australia. The firefighters responded immediately as time was of the essence in such cases.

By the time they got there, the family had safely escaped the fire with one of their dogs, Barney. But Leo, their other dog, was still trapped inside.

The firefighters rushed in and started searching the house. They looked in every nook and corner but it was all in vain. Until one of them spotted something in one of the rooms. Guess who it was? It was Leo!




There he was, lying unconscious in the middle of the room. The firefighters carefully picked him up and to their surprise, underneath him were four tiny kittens.

Leo had laid on the little kittens in order to save them from the fire. This brave dog was ready to sacrifice his own life to protect the lives of the kittens, with whom he had a parental connection. Dogs truly take you by surprise sometimes!

After Leo and the kittens were safely brought outside, Leo was given oxygen and slowly nursed back to consciousness. But he was still hesitant and weary. He wanted to know if his kittens were safe. Once the firefighters brought the kittens to Leo, he was thrilled to see them safe and started showering them with unconditional love, forgetting that moments ago he had almost died! If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!



Leo is a pure soul! To watch Leo’s courageous selfless act, click the video below.

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