Four Heroic Boys Save Skinny Abandoned Dog Tied Up With Bungee Cords

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An abandoned dog was found tied up with bungee cords behind an empty house in the Detroit, Michigan area. What makes this story even more powerful is that four young kids found the dog and decided to do something about it.

Source: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew

The kids, aged 7 through 13, were out helping a lady move when they saw the dog. The sweet pup was very skinny, neglected, cold, and covered in mange.

The pack of young heroes freed the dog from the bungee cords, took her home, gave her water and also some food. This fab four even gave the dog a name: Sparkle.

Source: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew

At the same time, some workers from Detroit Pit Crew Rescue happened to drive by the area and spotted the kids with the dog. The rescue’s founder, Theresa Sumpter, filmed the kids and posted a message on Facebook. She shared, “These sweet kids rescued this dog that has been left behind on bungee cords and kept her safe until we could come and get her.”

Source: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew

One of the boys said rescuing the dog made him feel great. It was obvious they loved the dog, Sumpter also shared. Watch the quick video below of these dynamic kids. Way to go, guys!

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