Former Bait Dog Covered In Wounds Wears Costumes Over Her Bandages To Feel Safe

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Maple the Pitbull was abandoned in Tehachapi, California. She had major lacerations and the chances of her survival were low. It looked like she had been mauled by a group of dogs; she was possibly used as a bait dog in dogfighting.

Fortunately, she was rescued just in time and Zack Skow, the director of Marley Mutts, took her in hoping to save her and help her overcome the pain she was going through. The poor girl cried for hours. It was touch and go for a long time.



Then Maple started to recover. She was moved from the hospital to a foster home where a discovery happened! Her foster mom realized when Maple was wrapped up and put into a costume, she felt more confident.

Maple’s foster mom began to get really creative. Her open wounds always had to stay wrapped but that almost added to her costumes.

One day, to make her feel better, Rocky Kanaka from Dog’s Day Out decided to take Maple on a special day that was all about her! Little did Maple know she was about to have the best day of her life! Rocky took Maple to the spa where she had her nails painted and a warm bath. She was then dressed in a super cute butterfly outfit, and then they headed to the beach.



Maple was all set to shower people with free butterfly kisses while dressed as a butterfly. One by one, people started noticing her and showing her tons of affection, which was pretty great considering Maple is a Pit Bull and sometimes people can be apprehensive around the breed. After all the public attention, Rocky made Maple three PB & J cookies and she ended her day with a lovely massage to relax her tensed muscles and help her in recovery.

To see Maple all dressed up and her lovely adventure, watch the video below. But be prepared! Your heart may grow several sizes!

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