Forgotten Pit Bull Brothers Comfort Each Other While Waiting For Someone To Care

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Three precious Pit Bull puppies have sadly suffered at the hands of their callous owner. Chase, Haagen Dazs, and Klondike have been neglected so much that their owner, Brenda Bullock of Washington D.C., has been charged with animal cruelty.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

Lisa Fontaine from the Humane Society said:

“By the age of four months, Chase and his two siblings had experienced more suffering than any living being should be subjected to in a lifetime. Cruelty to animals in any form can never be tolerated and the people of our community should know that we will relentlessly pursue those that commit these crimes.”

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

Once the pups were seized by animal control, all three were brought to a vet for care. They were suffering from severe mange, a medical condition that has treatment but their owner didn’t care. She ignored their health and their pain.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

Chase was worse than his siblings. In addition to having mange, his skin was badly infected.  He was severely emaciated, had low blood sugar, low body temperature, and low blood protein. He was also anemic and couldn’t walk without assistance.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

The vet and the medical team didn’t have much hope for Chase at first. They treated him aggressively hoping he’d survive. He became septic and needed blood transfusions. Surprisingly, Chase began to turn around. His recovery was slow but steady and the staff was more optimistic.

Haagen Dazs and Klondike went on to a foster home while Chase stayed for treatment at the medical center. Haagen Dazs then found his forever home.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

Chase stayed in the hospital for nearly two weeks. He then went to a special foster home. His immune system is compromised so he will need special care but with all things considered, he is doing great. All three pups are on the right path and even little Chase is making tremendous strides.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

While they had the most unfair start at life, the Pit Bull brothers now have only wonderful things to look forward to. Watch the video below to learn more about their story!

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