Flights Refuse To Fly Marine’s Rescue Dogs, So Heiress Steps In With Private Jet

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US Marine, Andrew, and his family had to move across the country, owing to his new posting. But the family were in for a rude shock when they realized that no flight would fly their two huge Anatolian Shepherds, Dusty and Wyatt.

ABC News


But Andrew wasn’t ready to let go of his beloved dogs. He had rescued them from Afghanistan, and for him, they were his little kids. He shared his plight with a rescue group, and they helped him spread his story online.

That is how Helen Rosburg, the great-granddaughter of chewing gum pioneer William Wrigley, came to know about the marine’s situation. Being an animal lover and the founder of On The Wings of Angels Rescue organization, Helen chartered a private jet for the family to fly together!

ABC News


“He was going to lose his dogs and I said ‘Not on my watch,’”Helen told ABC News. “He’s a hero on so many different levels. The Wrigleys are an extremely patriotic family and I am a true Wrigley child.”

ABC News


What a beautiful rescue! Andrew and his family are extremely grateful to Helen for bailing them out of an impossible situation. How noble of her to use her fortune to help out the people in need! We’ll always be rooting for people like her.

Click the video below to watch Helen’s uplifting and caring act of kindness!

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