Firemen Baffled By Dog With Head Stuck In Tire, Attempt A Heart-Stopping Rescue

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A woman named Jessica Arnold came to the Indianapolis firefighters in the evening, asking them to help a young stray dog from her neighborhood. The stray in question was Jimma, a 1-year-old Pit Bull mix, who had mysteriously gotten her head stuck in the rim of a tire.

Source: Indianapolis Fire Department/Facebook


Jessica, who fed Jimma every day, drove the stuck Jimma to the fire station. The poor dog was cowering in fear, when the baffled fire crew began their work. They tried to use soap and oil, to ease the dog’s head back out but it didn’t work.

After 5 failed attempts, the firemen knew that they had to think of something fast. They called “Tactical 14”, a group with power rescue tools. The tool-team arrived to assess the situation of the dg, and then worked out a plan to save her from any possible injury.

Source: Indianapolis Fire Department/Facebook


After struggling with several tools, the tool used for cutting brake pedals came in handy. The rim was cut in several places, and spreaders were used to open up the tire. Jimma walked out unharmed, and seemed relieved at the near-escape.

Source: Indianapolis Fire Department/Facebook


The heroic firefighters were hailed for this incredible rescue. After this harrowing ordeal, Jessica decided to adopt Jimma, and give her the all love and comfort in a safe forever home. It seems like the chaos led to a happy ending for Jimma!

Click the video below to watch the dramatic rescue of the poor dog stuck in the rim of the tire.

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