Finally There Is J.ustice For Caitlyn-Evil Animal A.buser S.entenced To 15 Years In P.rison

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A sweet, beautiful pit bull is resting easy these days now that her evil animal a.buser is going to face justice for his diabolical treatment of the adorable dog.

Caitlyn was just a puppy when her owner adopted her out to a man named William Dodson. The man had her less than a week, but that was all the time he needed to a.buse her so badly that she nearly lost her life.

Caitlyn is a survivor, though, and she fled her a.buser the minute she had the chance and ran to what she knew as home.

When Caitlyn was finally found, she was cowering on the front porch of her former owner in North Charleston.

The poor fifteen-month-old pit bull had been sold to the cruel a.buser for only $10, and when he took her home he had a twisted idea of training the sweet pup to be quiet.

The 41-year-old man decided to a.buse the dog by wrapping her muzzle with tape so tightly that it cut into her skin, and it was determined that she had been stuck like that from anywhere between 36 to 48 hours.

Looking at poor Caitlyn, it was clear that the a.buse she suffered in the short time she had been gone was damaging enough to be life-threatening.

Dodson had bound Caitlyn’s muzzle with electrical tape up to 9 times as tight as he could possibly get it, which was enough to cut off circulation to her tongue and caused extensive and irreparable nerve damage to the poor dog.

The innocent pup had to have multiple surgeries to remove dead sections of her tongue and to save the function of her mouth. The sheer overwhelming amount of nerves that had been killed by this sadistic act was unimaginable.

Recovery was so painful that she couldn’t use her mouth to chew food or lap up water for days on end.

Thankfully, this dog is tough as nails and won’t let the a.buse she suffered through in the past keep her from enjoying her future with her new forever family.

While Caitlyn might not spend her days praying to see her a.buser go down for what he did to her, the amazing dog had a lot of humans in her corner who were doing just that, along with anything else they could to make Dodson face the consequences of being a convicted animal a.buser, to the fullest.

The Charleston Animal Society, who took Caitlyn in before they found her forever family, are so proud of Caitlyn and equally outraged that Dodson more or less got away with what he did to the defenseless dog at the time.

So, when the well-respected organization heard there would be another hearing for Caitlyn in the state capitol, they gathered themselves together to be the voice that Caitlyn didn’t have.

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