Fearless Chihuahua Puppy Faces Off With Great Dane (And My Heart Can’t Take It!)

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Have you ever heard of “Small Dog Syndrome?” If so, then you totally get it. If not, then this is the perfect tutorial for you! A tiny Chihuahua puppy and a majestic Great Dane meet up at the dog park. Their encounter is BEYOND adorable.

Lilly, the Chi, is so happy she has found a new friend to play with. Vago, the Great Dane, is taken aback by Lilly’s tenacity. She’s tiny and feisty yet totally irresistible. Vago warms up to her and her silly antics immediately.

Vago understands that interacting with a puppy takes patience. Especially a puppy like Lilly, who thinks she’s as big as a house (but is more the size of a mouse!)

Lilly attempts to play with the gentle giant and Vago is a great sport about it. Even when she has a little attitude. When she stands up on her hind legs, I nearly faint!

Lilly has no idea that Vago could devour her in one bite (not that he ever would!) and the two get along famously.

Even if you’ve seen this video before, it’s worth another watch. It’s one of those vids you can add to a greatest hits playlist. Yea, it’s that good! Dontcha just love dogs?

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