Fearful Pup Can’t Let Go Of The Man Who Saved Her From Becoming Someone’s Dinner

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Sadly, dog slaughterhouses are not at all uncommon in countries such as Cambodia, China and Korea. Michael Chour, a medical doctor and founder of The Sound of Animals, a group that rescues dogs from the Southeast Asia meat trade, got to experience one of these awful places first-hand when he was visiting Chomkachek, Cambodia.

There, he witnessed more than a dozen dogs crammed inside tiny, filthy cages without food or water. The dogs were treated poorly and neglected, before eventually being ripped out of the cages to be slaughtered for their meat.

Chour, who was appalled at what he witnessed, convinced the owner to release the 17 dogs to him. Thankfully, the owner agreed, and all of the dogs were brought to a shelter in O Smach, Cambodia, where they were medically examined and treated by vets.

The Sound Of Animals/Facebook

From there, they were transferred to a shelter in Ban Kruat District, Thailand, which was run by The Sound of Animals. The dogs were finally on their way to a brand new life filled with love and care, the completely opposite of the life they were used to.

One of those dogs was named Sweety, and Chour developed a unique bond with her.

At the first shelter, Chour learned just how terrified Sweety was when he lifted her out of her transport cage. This was the first time she had ever felt a loving human touch and didn’t know how to react. For the first time in her life, she finally felt safe.

The Sound Of Animals/Facebook

Chour held Sweety tightly in his arms for nearly two hours. Chour gently kissed Sweety, with tears rolling down his face. He felt so happy that Sweety had actually trusted him this much.

Sweety was able to socialize with the other dogs at the shelter and has come such a long way from when she was first rescued from the meat farm.

And the best part of this story thus far? Chour felt such a connection with Sweety that he decided to adopt her!

The Sound Of Animals/Facebook

In August 2018, however, Chour posted a sad update explaining that Sweety unexpectedly passed away. They later learned that it was due to a venomous snake that got inside their clinic.

Chour was left heartbroken, but still felt at peace knowing that he was able to save Sweety from her nightmare past and show her an amazing life with him.

Below is a video of Chour when he first held Sweety after her rescue:

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