They Feared 18-Year-Old Dog Wouldn’t Find A Home, Then Prince Charming Showed Up

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The Humane Rescue Alliance took in the oldest dog they’ve ever cared for – an 18-year-old puppy at heart named Juleps.

She was surrendered after her owner passed away, which is something shelters see way too often.

Humane Rescue Alliance/Facebook

Juleps was an extremely sweet dog who just wanted to cuddle and sit on your lap, but the shelter knew it might be hard to find her a home, since senior dogs are often overlooked.

With that in mind, the shelter turned to social media to get Julep more attention. They posted her photos on Facebook, as well as featured her in news articles to spread her story.

Humane Rescue Alliance/Facebook

That’s when Wayne Lerch saw her picture online and knew he had to go meet her. Lerch had just lost his 11-year-old Pit Bull, Jasmine, and was feeling lonely and heartbroken.

When he met Julep, he knew instantly that he wanted to adopt her.

Humane Rescue Alliance/Blog

Staff was thrilled that their oldest resident was able to find a home.

“I know she’s not going to be around for very long but that’s okay,” Lerch told Humane Rescue Alliance before he brought her home. “She deserves to live out the rest of her life in a loving home with somebody who’s going to pamper her and make sure that she enjoys the last bit of life she has.”

Humane Rescue Alliance/Blog

And that’s exactly what she did. Lerch made sure Julep, later named ‘Tootie’ after his late grandmother, had the best life possible. She enjoyed going for walks, snuggling up on the couch, playing with new toys, and sleeping in a comfy bed.

Wayne Lerch/Facebook

Sadly, that day finally came when it was time for Tootie to leave this Earth. She went peacefully surrounded by people who loved her. She died just three months shy of her 20thbirthday.

Humane Rescue Alliance/Blog

If you’re interested in adding a new furry member to your family, think about adopting a senior dog. You could help them live out their golden years in a loving home rather than a shelter, just as Lerch did for Tootie.

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