Fatigued Homeless Dog D.rowning In Sewer Hung On With Every Last Bit Of Hope

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Rosalba Alvernia runs an animal rescue in Venezuela, where she saves and gets veterinary care for homeless dogs in need.

One day, she received a call regarding an abandoned dog who was stuck in a sewer and would eventually drown if he wasn’t saved. The poor pup was crying, struggling to stay afloat in the water.

PAWS USA/Youtube

Thankfully, rescuers managed to get him out and wrapped him up in a towel. He was absolutely exhausted from being down there. It’s unknown how long he was stuck there for, but rescuers assume it had been quite some time.

The dog was very malnourished, so they gave her a bowl of food as soon as possible, which she gobbled right up. They brought her to their shelter and decided to name this sweet girl Nazareth.

PAWS USA/Youtube

Despite everything she’s been through, Nazareth is such a sweet dog and is very gentle and obedient.

Nazareth wound up getting adopted! She got a real dog bed, which she enjoyed lying on next to a heater to keep warm.

PAWS USA/Youtube

With the right diet and a weight gaining supplement, Nazareth is well on her way to a full recovery! She even has new doggy friends to play with!

Watch her rescue and transformation in the video below:

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