Farmer Acts Quickly To Perform C-Section On Pregnant Fox Who Was K.illed By Car

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A 24-year-old farmer named Chris Rolfe was driving by his farm near Cowfold in South England, when the car in front of him hit a pregnant fox, k.illing her on impact.

When Rolfe got out of the car to check on the fox, it was clear that she had been k.illed. But then he saw her stomach move. In that moment, he realized she was pregnant, and his instincts kicked in.

Inside Edition/Youtube

Rolfe acted quickly to save the unborn baby foxes who were still inside of their deceased mother. He ran to his car to get a knife so that he’d be able to perform an emergency c-section to get the babies out.

Rolfe has no veterinary experience, but he knew every passing minute was crucial and he refused to let these fox pups die.

Inside Edition/Youtube

The litter consisted of four six-inch kits, which Rolfe brought to his mom, Jean, who had experience caring for foxes. Jean rubbed them hard with a damp towel, like their mother would’ve done with her rough tongue, to wash them and get their circulation going.

Inside Edition/Youtube

A local charity called Fox Project is helping the Rolfe’s care for the seven-week-old foxes who will eventually be released back into the wild once they are six months old, as long as they are healthy and strong enough.

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