Family thought they lost their husky in a wildfire, thankfully they can still recognise the collar that brought the dog back to them

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The Camp Fire that has raged through California finally reached the home of Max, a one-year-old husky and his family. They had every right to feel scared—a lot of people lose their pets in fires.

As soon as the fire began, Michel Yeager rushed to pick up her eldest daughter at school and her youngest daughter from her dad’s place.

They quickly drove back home to pick up their beloved husky, but Max was nowhere to be seen.

Michel said she saw ash falling from the sky and she knew she needed to take her girls out of there. The fire was closing in and they had no choice but to drive away.

A few days later, their house was confirmed to have been destroyed by the fire, and they thought they had lost Max with it.

However, they refused to give up hope and continued to search through social media for any posts regarding a lost dog. One day, they found a video of a dog who survived the fires, also named Max.

They didn’t believe it to be their Max because the dog in the video was yellow, while Max had a black coat.

But they gave it a shot anyway.

They contacted the man who posted the video and as soon as the man described the dog’s collar, they knew they’d found him.

The family had an emotional reunion with Max, They found that all his fur had been burnt off, and he was in extreme pain.

The poor dog fought through the fires, and lived.

Max is currently being treated at a veterinary hospital and his family has high hopes that he’ll make a full recovery. Considering the state he’s in, it’s going to take a long while. But his family won’t be leaving his side.

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