Family Left Beloved Dog Behind When They Moved, Despite Having Her For 10 Years

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When Esther’s family moved away, they sadly left her behind, despite her being a part of their family for the last ten years.

She was left to fend for herself on the streets, and her appearance made it obvious that she had a rough time. Without proper medical care for so long, she wound up getting sarcastic mange, tick bite fever, and had lost teeth.

Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

Thankfully, she was rescued by Sidewalk Specials and brought her to Vet Point for treatment. There, she ate her first meal in a very long time and was finally treated the way she deserved.

Because of Esther’s age and all of her other ailments, they assumed finding a home for her would be impossible, but that soon proved to be very wrong!

Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

Esther has since found a loving forever home with a new doggy sister named Lulah.

Looking at Esther now, you would never believe that she was the same sick dog rescued off the streets months prior.

Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

She loves playing with her sister, going for walks, and cuddling with her humans. She is so spoiled and is living the life!

Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

Her transformation just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. Esther turned out to be such a beautiful dog, and there are plenty of other dogs like her who are waiting for forever homes in shelters!

Sidewalk Specials/Facebook

Watch Esthers rescue & makeover in the video below:

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