Family Dumps Dog At Gas Station, Bewildered Dog Waits A Month For Their Return

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For over 3 weeks, the visitors at a gas station had been noticing a Russian Spaniel dog patiently waiting in a corner of the station. Apparently, the dog was abandoned at the station by his family, but the dog was positive that his humans would come looking for him.

Source: Elena Razinkova/Facebook


A woman named Elena Razinkova approached the dog and asked him about his home. The dog instantly perked up at the mention of ‘home’, oblivious to the fact that he had been cast aside. Elena’s heart sank when she saw that the dog wouldn’t budge from his spot in fear of missing his family in case they came looking for him.

But the dog’s optimism slowly faded away as no one ever came for him. Finally, Elena took him home and named him Loki. He was treated for a heavy infestation of ticks, dehydration, and indigestion. Elena’s sincere love helped him feel safe and secure again.

Source: Elena Razinkova/Facebook


Elena might have saved Loki’s life, but she already has 2 dogs and a cat who wouldn’t welcome another pet. She is desperately seeking a forever home for Loki, that gives him the undivided love and care that he deserves. We hope there is someone out there who is ready to give Loki the family that he longs for!

Click the video below to watch Loki’s sad eyes as he waits for his family to return.

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