Family And Dog Join Together For Mealtime Prayer

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Sometimes we see people who dress their dogs up in costumes or cute little outfits. Some people teach their dog to say, “I love you”, but this cute little Jack Russell terrier seems to have found Jesus. It’s just too adorable when he sits down with the family to offer a prayer before their meal.

Family bonding time can be different for all people. This viral video doesn’t start like any other. We see a family sitting around the dinner table, about to enjoy their meal. It is an excellent time for the family to bond. This is one very diverse and devoted family and you can see it in the clip.

This household of four, a mom, a dad, a son, and a daughter, sitting at their table, and are about to enjoy their food. Well in this family, everyone participates in saying grace, including the family dog!

The mother starts the prayer. She closes her eyes, puts her palms together and says, “Let us pray…” That’s when we see the adorable little dog do his thing. As the camera turns, it stops to show the family’s Jack Russell Terrier dog, sitting like an equal member on the table and holding his hands in prayer. That is just so sweet!

Did the family train their dog to do this? Well, we can’t be so sure, but we’ve done a bit of research on the topic and, it seems to us, this dog might have just picked up this habit on his own!

Dog trainers emphasize the fact that dogs are pack animals and are always focused on what their “pack leader” is doing. Now, most domestic pups don’t have a canine leader to follow, so they’ll look to the next best thing for guidance, their owner. So, next time you pray before dinner, blink open an eye and take a look at what your dog is doing. Who knows, he may have been joining in all this time without you knowing it!

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