Family asks to adopt the oldest dog at the shelter. One day, she lets them know it’s time

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Like humans, dogs can feel intense loneliness. All of them just want somebody to love. Sadly, far too many never experience this. But one old dog was able to have the best year of its life after it got adopted at the age of 11.

Kaylee’s old owners couldn’t handle her anymore.

The shelter never mentioned exactly why they gave the dog up, but it’s hard to imagine how anyone could abandon such a loving animal.

So Kaylee spent day after day in a cage. The shelter did everything they could to make the dog happy, but they were so overwhelmed.

However, a young girl called Raven told her mom something heartfelt. She wanted to adopt an old dog no one else wanted.

Most children tend to think of themselves, but Raven was so selfless!

They went to the shelter and found the dog. The people that ran the shelter were shocked when Raven and her mother said that they wanted to adopt the dog.

They explained that the dog was 11 years old and that it had medical issues. The girl and the mom said that, yes, they understood. They wanted Kaylee anyway.

Kaylee came home with Raven and her mom. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Kaylee had been in the shelter for a long time and had given up hope.

Raven and Kaylee became best friends, sharing the kind of love that only kids and dogs can have.

The shelter had warned the family of Kaylee’s medical issues, so they decided to go to the vet.

The vet had terrible news. Kaylee had, in actual fact, terminal cancer.

The dog had one year to live at the most.

Raven and her mom were both very upset, but they decided to make the most of the diagnosis. Instead of being sad for the rest of Kaylee’s life, they would give the dog the best experiences it had ever known.

Every day from now on would be special for the dog. Everything it wanted it would get.

From then on, every single meal that the dog ate wasn’t kibble. Instead, it was something handmade by either Raven or her mom. Or they would go out and treat the dog to ice creams, puppacchinos and more.

They also took the dog on more adventures than ever before. They would regularly go hiking, go to the beach and elsewhere.

Kaylee even got to meet Santa at Christmas!

However, the best thing that Kaylee did was not for her own benefit.

Kaylee, Raven and her mom started posting about her story online. They were able to raise considerable awareness about the plight of older dogs and dog shelters.

Among other things, the dog was able to get Petco to give her former shelter a $10,000 donation so that they could look after other dogs better in the future.

Someone was also so moved by Kaylee’s story that they decided to write a children’s book about her!

But after 7 months, Kaylee started to get weaker and weaker. Raven and her mom realized that the end was near.

But they wanted Kaylee to have an even better day than they had already given her. Kaylee’s loss of strength meant that they couldn’t take her anywhere. But they made her last day special regardless.

They made her her favorite food, had a party for her and played with her all day.

It was so sad to say goodbye, but in the end, they knew they had given the dog the love that it deserved.

This story is tragic, but it would have been so much worse for Kaylee if she had never found a home. Thanks to their big hearts, Raven and her mother gave a beautiful animal some incredibly happy times.

This is why everyone should adopt older shelter dogs!

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