Everyone at the airport stopped when the service dog laid down and started whimpering

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Although there has been quite a controversy around therapy and service animals in recent years, people still love seeing a Labrador retriever when it has been trained to help people. That’s why airplane passengers were excited to see a Labrador retriever service dog get through security to the gate at the Tampa International Airport. But when that dog laid down on the ground and started trembling, people got a show that they never excepted to see in a million years.

The dog suddenly could no longer go any further. But it was not because she was ill or had realized something dangerous was about to happen for her owner, it was because of an unexpected miracle. The service dog was pregnant and was going into labor.

The yellow Lab, named Eleanor Rigby, was pregnant while her owner was getting ready to board a flight out of Tampa. Although the owner knew that Eleanor Rigby was “of the family way,” they never expected her to go into labor while waiting to board the plane at the gate. But as they say, nature called, and she had no choice but to lie down and allow nature to take its course – even if it was inconvenient.

The dog’s owner, Diane Van Atter was also traveling with Eleanor Rigby’s mate, the father of the puppies, Golden Nugget. And as Eleanor started whimpering as she went into labor, the whole airport took notice. People wanted to watch as she gave birth to the adorable puppies in public like she was.

Everyone boarding Gate F80 watched as Eleanor Rigby gave them a free lesson in the miracles of life. And with eight puppies coming out right after each other, people got a lot of experience with how it works.

Eleanor Rigby had a very busy day at the airport. For three hours, she pushed puppy after puppy out into the world. After the entire ordeal, she gave birth to eight little ones while her owner waited at the gate along with the puppies’ father, Golden Nugget.

Passengers put away their books and their phones to watch nature unfold before them at the gate. One passenger told Fox News 13, “I was here since puppy five. It’s on Instagram. We’re getting a lot of likes.”

Kristin Hamilton also used the opportunity to give her followers on Instagram a show.

“A Service Dog named Ellie, short for Eleanor Rigby caused quite a stir at Tampa airport yesterday. The two-year-old yellow lab went into labor before boarding a plane to Philadelphia. Tampa Fire Rescue delivered seven puppies; six girls and one boy. Congratulations to the new mom and safe travels!”


The Instagram user got it all right except for the puppy count. There were eight girls, for a total of eight puppies, including the little girl.

The Fire Rescue crew got rewarded for their efforts. The puppies were named for them.

“They have our names of course!” paramedic Natalie Brown told. And of course, the last one’s Natalie, it’s a girl!”

“And number two is Larry,” her colleague Larry Glanton said.

Although the happy family missed their flight, they found their way home to Philadelphia in time.

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