Escapes From Dog Fight And Collapses In Front Of House, Makes Amazing Transformation

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A Kansas lady was driving home from work one day. When she got home, something shocking was on her porch.

A tiny little pit bull was slumped on the welcome mat.

At first, she was worried that the dog was dead. It had terrible bite and scratch marks all over its body. Clearly, it had been in a bad fight.

But then the puppy moved. He tried to open his eyes, but they were swollen shut. The lady could tell that he was begging to be rescued, to have a better life than he’d known.

The lady reached down to the puppy and pet him lightly. The dog flinched. Clearly, he was in incredible pain.

Then the lady told the dog to relax and that everything was going to be ok.

She picked the puppy up. He started crying with the pain.

Inside the home, the lady started treating the dog’s bites and cuts. The puppy kept crying, but she knew that it was for his own good.

After cleaning the wounds, the lady drove the puppy to the vet.

The vet confirmed that the puppy must have been in not just one terrible dog fight but several. Some of his cuts and bites were older than others.

He had almost definitely escaped from a fighting ring.

The puppy was shocked, dehydrated and terribly injured. He would have to go into intensive care. The vet couldn’t say if the dog would pull through.

The lady then moved the puppy to an animal hospital, where he would hopefully recover.

Before she left the hospital, the staff asked what his name was.

The lady stared at the small dog and thought of something that would suit him. “Jax,” she said.

But the lady couldn’t leave Jax alone for long. Every evening, she went to the hospital on her way back from work to see how he was doing.

Slowly, the swelling around his eyes receded. Jax was able to see the lady who had rescued him for the first time.

“Every night, Jax improved. Jax’s tail would thump just a little longer. Every night, his eyes were opening, and he just smiled.” -Jax’s rescuer.

And every day, when the lady visited, Jax would get excited.

The vets at the hospital said that the dog was recovering faster than expected. Something was obviously giving Jax the strength, the ability to see a happier future.

Two weeks later, Jax was feeling well enough to leave the hospital.

The lady would have loved to have taken the dog in, but she had several cats and was worried about how Jax would react to them.

Instead, she reached out to a niece, who she knew wanted a dog.

When Jax arrived at the niece’s home, the dog was happy but still hurt. He could barely walk.

But over the next three weeks, his transformation continued.

“Three weeks ago, he couldn’t walk. All he could do was wag his tail and lift his head a little bit. And now he runs and plays and jumps and just loves life.” – Jax’s mother.

The lady who had found him still visited most days.

Soon, she was playing with him in the park!

Jax’s life has completely turned around. He now has a loving family that spoils him constantly!

Even though the dog still has some behavioral problems, his family wouldn’t give him up for the world!


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