Emaciated, Depressed Stray Just Wouldn’t Eat, Then Vet Locks Himself In Her Cage

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Dr. Andy Mathis, a veterinarian at the Granite Hills Animal Care facility in Elberton, Georgia, faced one of the most challenging cases of his life when he met Graycie Claire, a gray stray Pit Bull battered with a multiplicity of health issues.

Source: Granite Hills Animal Care/Facebook


Nobody knew what trauma Graycie had endured, but she was starved, dehydrated and anemic, with hypothermia and vaginal prolapse. For a split second, Andy thought it would be better to euthanize her, but eventually, he decided to give her a chance.

However, Graycie didn’t seem to care about the second chance. The physical and psychological distress was too much for her to endure. She gave up all hope and stopped eating altogether. Andy couldn’t bring himself to let her die, so he thought of a unique gesture to help her.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube


In this video, we see Andy sitting beside the long-faced Graycie, nonchalantly eating cereal out of a dog bowl. He has locked himself with her, but he never pesters her to eat. Instead, he casually shares some food with her, and she accepts it! The soothing companionship sparks a glimmer of hope for Graycie, and she starts eating on her own!

Source: Granite Hills Animal Care/Facebook


Graycie has since been on an upward road to recovery. This video has become an internet sensation, and people have been sending goodies to help Graycie get better and be back on her paws again! We hope she holds on to her second chance and lives happily ever after in a sweet forever home!

Click the video below to watch Dr. Andy’s heartwarming gesture towards the depressed Graycie!

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