Elderly Man Won’t Let Arthritis Slow Dog Down, Builds Custom Cart

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A dog’s love is unconditional and it knows no limits. There are many dog owners in the world who feel the same way about their dogs. A lovely man named Vitale in Italy is showing the world that love knows no limits and it applies to all species. His 13-year-old Labrador Retriever, Dylan, was once a young, spry, dog who loved to take walks with his owner.

Source: YouTube

Sadly, arthritis in the dog’s hind legs prevents him from walking as he once did. Vitale found a way to keep the walks going and make the dog happy.

Source: YouTube

Vitale built a custom cart for Dylan so that the two can walk the streets of Italy and enjoy their golden years together. In case it rains, he even has a spot for an umbrella. Dylan also has a special customized harness that was designed by another caring gentleman. The dog is able to be lifted up onto the cart by Vitale and for times he needs to relieve himself.

Source: YouTube

Dog love is a beautiful thing, and you won’t need to understand Italian to feel the love between this man and his dog in the video.

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