Elderly Dog Dad D.ies Of Broken Heart After 16-Year-Old Dog P.asses A.way

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Dog lovers understand the bond of love that exists between people and their pets. We adore our dogs so much that they are even closer to us than humans in many cases. Dogs give so much and ask for so little in return.  A man named Ken who lived in Hemet, California, with his little dog, Zack, is breaking hearts around the world with his story.

Source: Doggiescare

Ken lived in a mobile home community with his 16-year-old pooch, Zack. He pretty much kept to himself and lived a quiet life with his sweet elderly dog.

A neighbor went to visit Ken a few weeks ago and when there was no answer, she began banging on the door. When the neighbor entered, the dog was in rough shape. The dog’s owner, Ken, was in tears, knowing his dog needed help but he didn’t have the money for vet care.

The neighbor, named Burt, posted a plea to social media asking for help. Within the hour, Elaine Seamans of the At-Choo Foundation to help shelter dogs got in touch with Burt.

Source: Doggiescare

The dog was rushed to the vet, but sadly he was too ill to survive. Ken cried so much to the point he could hardly stop. At the very end, Burt took a photo and the picture is capturing and breaking hearts worldwide.


Cards came pouring into Ken, but in a sad twist of fate, he succumbed to a heart attack. So many are saying he actually died of a broken heart since losing his beloved dog. We can totally understand.

Source: Doggiescare

We imagine the two are together at the Rainbow Bridge and no longer suffering nor in pain. Our condolences to all affected by this tragic loss.

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