D.runk Man S.trikes Puppy With Guitar, When Girlfriend I.ntervenes He B.eats Her

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A man whose then-girlfriend says he recently arrived home “moody and d.runk” in Auburn, Massachusetts has been charged with a.ssault and battery on a family member, animal c.ruelty, and violating an a.buse prevention order.

When 45-year-old Thomas L. Mitchell arrived home after a night of drinking, he allegedly a.ttacked Lisa Griffin and their litter of nine Shepherd/Pit Bull puppies.

Source: Boston 10 News

Griffin told a reporter, “He grabbed the guitar off the wall and he just took it and he smashed it down on one of the puppies, and so I just laid over him and grabbed the puppy.”

As the four-week-old tiny pup yelped in pain, she begged Mitchell to take the puppy to a veterinarian, but he refused. Instead, he began a.ttacking the woman until neighbors intervened.

Source: Boston 10 News

“They heard the puppy screaming so they all come running and he grabbed my throat and he’s holding me against the – where the screen door was and just kneeing me and kicking me,” Griffin stated.

Authorities removed the litter of nine pups along with their mom, Bella, and dad, Max, and they are in the care of animal control while the investigation continues. The puppies will go up for adoption soon.

Source: Boston 10 News

In the meantime, Griffin says she is an animal lover and misses the puppies. Mitchell is ordered to stay away from her and his case has been continued until later in the month.

Source: Boston 10 News

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