Dr. Travis Breaks Down In Tears As He Talks About His “Special Lady” On Live TV

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For many people, it’s hard to not get emotional when talking about their beloved pet, especially as they are getting older or have passed away.

They aren’t just pets, they become part of the family, and losing them leaves a void that’s nearly impossible to fill.

The Doctors

When Dr. Travis was asked to talk about his dog, Nala, on The Doctors, the show he co-hosts, he didn’t even hesitate. Any opportunity to talk about his “special lady,” was a great one for him.

He spoke about many great memories that he and Nala shared, but began to get choked up once he revealed Nala’s health issues. Knowing that Nala would soon pass away brought tears to Dr. Travis’ eyes.

The Doctors

He and Nala had spent the past 17 years together, and the bond they formed was indescribable. Not only was she his pet and “daughter,” but she was his best friend and changed his life in a very positive way.

Dr. Travis described Nala as gentle and kind, and by listening to the way he speaks about her, it’s obvious that she was so much more.

The Doctors

Sadly, after the episode was taped, Nala passed away. She may be gone from Earth, but she will never be gone from Dr. Travis’ memories or heart.

Watch the incredibly emotional interview in the video below, but don’t forget to grab some tissues first!

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