Dog’s Nose Leads To Recovery Of 90-Year-Old Missing Woman With Dementia

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A 90-year-old woman with dementia who went missing has a dog’s nose to thank for helping to save her life.

The woman, Loudell Hubbard, wandered from her Birmingham, Alabama home, and remained missing for 12 hours. The police department was contacted, and that’s when an intensive search to find the woman began.

Source: WJLA News

Along with officers Richard Wright and Dustin Brock, of the Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit, K9 Saby led them right to the missing woman.

She was found in a creek bed where she slept on her purse all night.

Source: WJLA News

“The same time Richard came around the corner Saby was pulling me towards the creek. I come around and she was laying in the creek,” Brock told WJLA News.

The woman did not have her cane, fell into the creek, and was unable to get out to dry land. Hubbard’s dementia prevented her from remembering the nearly two-mile walk she took to the creek bed.

Source: WJLA News

Family and friends are elated to have Hubbard back home, and K9 Saby is credited with finding the missing woman. With no broken bones and just a few bruises, Hubbard is recovering at a nearby hospital.

Way to go, K9 Saby!

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