Dogs Called 911 Sixteen Times While Their Owners Were At Work

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Police Officers of the Lakeville Police Department in Minnesota were dispatched to a 911 hang up call at a residence in their town.

When they arrived at the house, all they saw were two dogs barking at them. Since no one was home, officers were extremely confused.

Fox 9

But things started to make more sense (sort of) when dispatch informed them that the dogs were actually the ones who called 911.

And they didn’t just call one time. They continued to call 911 sixteen times!

Officer Michelle Roberts got in contact with the owners who were able to assist them inside through the garage.

Fox 9

It turns out that a cell phone was upstairs on the man’s desk and all it took was the dogs pawing at it to call 911, since it was on ‘emergency call only.’

While it was clearly an accident, Officer Roberts seems to think otherwise.

Fox 9

“Our assumption is the dogs were having a rough day and it was the dogs that were seeking assistance through 911,” she told Fox 9.

Their owner couldn’t believe his dogs called 911, but said he won’t ever leave his phone out again.

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