Dog’s Amazing Reaction as Owner She Has Not Seen for Nine Months Appears on a Screen

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They say that dogs are man’s best friend and this incredible video appears to show that the age old saying is entirely true – even for women.

In this clip, the dog jumps up on the furniture and barks at the television screen repeatedly as it looks around in disbelief at the person filming its reaction.

And it seems its owner Venezuelan woman Oriany De Oliveira – who appears on the other side of the television screen – is equally delighted to be virtually reunited with her canine companion.

The dog called Layla, a Border Collie, jumps up and down with both paws in the air as she shows delight at seeing her owner on the television screen.

She then looks back at the person filming the video Oriany continues to call out to it and encourage its excitement.

While dogs always appear to welcome their owners they have a different way of remembering incidents, people and times and places, say experts.

While humans rely on the concept of time or ‘episodic memory,’ to set dates and times and incidents, dogs do not.

Human beings recall things by relating them to events whereas it is believed that dogs remember as part of their survival instincts.

The dog is genuinely happy to see its friend while it jumps up and down with excitement

It is thought that dogs’ survival memory triggers it to remember friends, owners, and those they can trust.

This memory, known as associative memory, is similar to other animals.

According to a 2014 study by Johan Lind, an ethologist at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution at Stockholm University, Sweden, dogs can forget an event within just two minutes whereas dolphins have the longest memory in the animal kingdom.

The pet pooch could not be happier that it can see its owner who talks from the TV screen

And he said that his research leads him to believe that humans have unique memories.

He said: ‘The data tell us that animals have no long-term memory of arbitrary events. ‘We think humans’ ability to remember arbitrary events is unique.’

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