Dog Wouldn’t Stop Following Animal Control Officers, So They Gave Her A Home And A Job!

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In the wake of Hurricane Matthew earlier this year, Animal Control officers from Charlotte, North Carolina responded to the town of Tarboro to assist with rescue efforts in the continued flooding and devastation.

Officer Scott Kisch was part of a caravan of rescue vehicles heading back out of the area when he noticed a little brown dog running alongside his truck. She refused to stop following him.

The dog was not in any immediate danger, but she was clearly alone in the mostly abandoned flood zone. Kisch turned to his supervisor and they decided that even though they had already rounded up more than 200 dogs, they couldn’t leave the brown pup behind.

Kisch stopped the truck and as soon as he opened the door the dog hopped right in and made herself comfortable!

They moved her from the floor boards of Kisch’s truck to the passenger seat of another officer’s cruiser where she quickly dozed off.

“It was kind of heartbreaking, she was there by herself,”Kisch told PEOPLE Pets. “I think it was her saying get me out of here, take me home. She gave those puppy dog eyes and just looked at me with that face. We knew we couldn’t leave her out there.”

The video of the pooch following Kisch’s truck and the hashtag, #littlebrowndog quickly went viral, but despite her internet fame, no one came forward to claim her. She spent months in a shelter near where she was found in Edgecombe County before the staff contacted Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control to let them know that she had not been picked up.

For the second time, Kisch and his coworkers decided to rescue the #littlebrowndog – they adopted her as their own and put her to work! They gave her the name Charlotte in honor of her new home. She will be working within their Humane Education program, helping to teach school children about proper pet care and the importance of microchipping.

Charlotte is making her debut in a very special way. We invite you to meet Charlotte to come to the press conference starting at 1pm today.

Kisch is excited to have the funny little brown dog who brightened his day in the midst of the storm damage as a permanent fixture at his office. He told PEOPLE Pets:

“This is definitely a happy ending. I wish it was happier and that she went back to her normal family but I’m glad she’s with people that are going to take care of her and love her and treat her right.”

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