Dog Took Physical A.buse For Woman So She Could Get Out Of The House

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What do you do when you see YOUR mommy being beaten nearly half to death with a hammer? Well for this 110 lbs Great Dane, he decided to lie on top of his mom and protect her by taking the majority of the blows from her abuser. As a result, he sustained many broken bones, including a hip and two rib fractures because of his heroic deed.

Our Great Dane named J Matthew was forcibly dragged into the streets, giving the young woman enough time to get away. She went to the nearest Police Station and they arranged for her to seek shelter at Rose Brooks Center. Because of the woman’s critical situation, the Center opened its doors to their first domestically abused animal.

Monsters win when there are no heroes. J Matthew made sure he didn’t and because of our heroic great Dane, Rose Brooks Center has protected 36 more family pets and in 2012, they opened their first domestic violence pet shelter. Do watch and share this inspiring, heartwarming story so other abused women and children will know that there is such a haven like Rose Brooks, not only for themselves but for their beloved pets.

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