This dog is taking over the internet after pet groomer gave him an egg-shaped style trim

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Egg definitely holds a special place in our heart because anything related to it will quickly go viral.

First, we have egg as the most liked photo on Instagram. Then we have the egg boy that went viral for smashing an egg on a politician’s head. Now, we have an egg dog called Pom Pom. This adorable Pomeranian went viral after a Singaporean pet groomer shaped him to resemble an egg.

Pom Pom is taking over the internet after he was trimmed into an egg.

Credit: Instagram/Groomer Andrea

In the short clip posted last January, the groomer was seen tidying up the dog’s fur so it will be perfectly shaped into an egg. Currently viewed for more than 100,000 views, the dog looked so calm while having his cut.

The adorable dog looked very happy too.

Credit: Instagram/Groomer Andrea

This is how he looked from the side. 

Credit: Instagram/Groomer Andrea

Thanks to his hit video, a lot of people have been getting inspiration from him and started making varieties of arts based on Pom Pom’s character.

Just like this cute drawing of the egg dog running on his two feet,

Credit: Twitter/A Rouge Cop
And this drawing of the charismatic egg dog captain.

You can definitely hang this on one of your walls.

Not only that, Pom Pom was also turned into a cute figurine by a popular Japanese sculptor.

Credit: Twitter/Meetissai

Funko Pop didn’t want to miss out on the craze and created an egg dog toy as an April Fool’s joke.

I am definitely buying if they did produce this one!

If you can’t get enough of this extremely adorable dog, you can follow him on his Instagram.

Watch the egg dog getting his fur getting trimmed here:

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