Dog Stops At Owner’s Casket To Say Goodbye and The Family Gets Emotional

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Sadie, a 13-year-old Border Collie-Dalmatian-Shepherd cross, was adopted when she was just 8-weeks-old. Ever since she has been a loyal and loving companion.

Dog Stops Eating For 10 Days After Owner Dies – Stands At Owner’s Casket To Say ‘Goodbye’

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So when her dad passed away, Sadie was completely lost as to why he wasn’t returning home, and she stopped eating for ten days.

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Julia Beaulieu’s husband died from a sudden heart attack. Unable to process what was going on, and missing her dad, Sadie stopped eating. The heartbroken pup would wait by the window, looking for her dad’s truck to arrive.

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This made Julia decide to take Sadie to her husband’s memorial service. She hoped that it would provide Sadie some understanding as to why her dad hadn’t returned home.

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At the memorial, Julia took Sadie to her husband’s casket. Sadie stood up to take a look inside. When she saw her dad lying there, she was shocked at first, but soon her face relaxed and she realized he had passed away. She had gotten her much needed closure.

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The moment when Julia and Sadie stood at the casket was candidly photographed by the CEO of the funeral company. The photograph went viral. Its raw emotion resonates with thousands of people around the world.

This truly goes to show that dogs have emotion and grieve just as we do. Dogs understand loss and sadness and grieve in their own ways.

We hope Sadie finds peace in her remaining days and copes with the loss of her dad.

Click the video below to watch Sadie’s emotional story.

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