Dog Sniffs Out Cancer Only Months After Being Rescued, Saves Rescuer’s Life

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We hear about rescue stories all the time. Often the stories center around humans going out of their way, selflessly, to save animals in need. But every now and then we hear about stores like this one: A dog that was rescued that rescues her human right back– and it’s incredibly heartwarming!

Lauren Gauthier, a woman from Amherst, New York, lives happily with her rescue dogs. One of the dogs, Victoria, was rescued by the organization Lauren founded.



Magic’s Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue, Inc. was founded after Lauren rescued Magic, a tri-pawd pup. “Lauren and her family are committed to adopting and rescuing senior dogs and wanted to expand their efforts,” the site says.



Adorable, one-eyed Victoria came into Lauren’s life and miraculously, the two saved one another!



Shortly after Victoria came home with Lauren, Lauren developed a red spot on her nose. She didn’t think much of it but Victoria adamantly disagreed! Day after day, Victoria would sniff the red spot. Finally, Lauren took it as a sign and booked a doctor’s appointment.



The spot turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, a common but serious form of skin cancer. Had Lauren waited much longer, it could have gotten much worse, spreading further. Lauren took immediate action and had the area removed.



“It really is amazing that my dog was so persistent in sniffing the area that was skin cancer,” Lauren explained to SweetBuffalo716. “The surgery itself has changed my face, and if my dog had not picked up on it, I may have ignored the spot, which could have risked further disfigurement. Hounds have a keen sense of smell but I never thought that I would personally benefit from it!”

Lauren has been diligent in sharing her story so others are aware of certain health risks. She believes her use of tanning beds caused her cancer.

“My advice for teenagers and others considering tanning bed use is – don’t,” Lauren urges others. “There are many other options available, like spray tans, to help improve cosmetic appearance. The cost and the damage you do to your skin is way too high, and even though growing older seems a world away, once you are older, you will pay a price for tans and tanning beds.”

Lauren is now doing well, cancer-free and enjoying life with her dogs. She’s especially grateful for Victoria who came into her life at exactly the right time!



“I am so thankful for Victoria,” Lauren told Love What Matters. “She and I have always had a close bond and she senses when I’m upset or stressed; I had no idea she’d be able to detect that I had cancer lurking underneath my skin.”

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