Dog sings alongside his owner as she practices opera

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You may have heard of your dog howling or barking. How about listening to them singing in harmony with human? Let’s see this incredible performance of the girl and her dog in the video below.

Charlie decided to join with his owner singing

The video was recorded in United States on August 21st shows the moment of the dog Charlie singing along with his boss as she practiced for the opera rehearsal. He seemed a bit nervous and shy at first but then joined in the performance too.

This dog loves to flex his vocal chords too when his owner sings. 

Sarah Lonsert, the owner discovered her dog’s interest for the art some time ago when she was practicing for a vocal competition. She was rehearsing a high note with her pianist as they heard a strange sound and it turned out that it was Charlie howling.

“Of course this is adorable and hilarious but, when one wants to be productive, it’s rather distracting,” Lonsert said.

During a recent practice, she forgot to keep Charlie somewhere else, and he started showing off his talent.

“I laughed and so did my mother,” Lonsert said. “And then she had a great idea to take a short video of Charlie singing opera with me.”

Watch video:

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