Dog severely injured and a.bused after escaping from airplane cargo hold

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When we hand our animals over to anyone we don’t really know, it’s probably one of the hardest things to do. But in certain situations, we really don’t have a choice. When a man was flying from Shanghai to Wuhan on China Eastern Airlines, he put his trust into the flight crew that his dog would be okay. What happened to his dog next was unthinkable. A dog lover’s worst nightmare!

The dog managed to free himself from his crate and run loose from the cargo hold. The dog then went missing for over 40 minutes. It took 8 members of the flight crew to track the dog down. When he was given back to his owner at the baggage claim, the poor dog was in horrific shape!

The dog was obviously frightened and ran out of fear but instead of acting like civil human beings, they used excessive force. Looking at the pictures, it seems they beat him. Profusely!

“My Golden Retriever, flying with me, landed at [Wuhan] Tianhe airport and was severely assaulted. I wish China Eastern Airlines and Tianhe Airport would give me a reasonable explanation and stop shifting responsibility,” his human was quoted saying on social media.

From wounds sustained, it appears that the dog was tortured by the airline staff. BUT Why? What did this poor dog do to deserve this?! Inconvenience the staff? Disgusting.

While there are plenty of friendly airlines who would never harm an animal, I urge you if it is optional to buy your dog a seat on the plane, that you do. I understand its costly but at least you can keep an eye on your dog the entire time and he or she will be less afraid. Fear is a big motivator for animals to run off. And not everyone is as patient as dog lovers are…

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