Dog Is Separated From Her Puppies Then Dumped At A Shelter, Their Reunion Is A Tear-Jerker

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Malnourished and afraid, a Pit Bull mix named Noelle was brought to a Canadian shelter by a person claiming she was a stray. The staff noticed Noelle’s mammary glands were engorged and realized she must still be feeding a litter. But where could they be?

Signs of abuse were obvious, and Noelle was anxious having just lost her babies. That’s when rescue group K9 Crusaders stepped in and pulled Noelle from the shelter. They started nursing this terrified mom back to health and then they took to Facebook.

Source: K9 Crusaders/Facebook


“She arrived to us the following day and she was skin on bones…weighing in at just over 30lbs, at least 15-20 lbs shy of a healthy weight, and every single rib was easily visible. She had obviously been feeding her babies, but nobody had been feeding her.”

With a little bit of internet detective work, they were led to a photo of Noelle in a car…

Source: K9 Crusaders/Facebook

They then found a listing for 8 newborn Pit Bull mix puppies which claimed that their mother died, and another photo of Noelle nursing them. Of course, when the K9 Crusaders looked up the seller, it was none other than the person who had dropped poor Noelle off to the animal shelter! Horrible!

Source: K9 Crusaders/Facebook

This video of Noelle’s reunion will bring you to tears.  Thanks to the dedicated K9 Crusaders, Noelle was reunited with her puppies, they all found forever homes and she found hers with her foster family.

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